January 2012 Update: Real Estate Cycles and Turning Points

It seems to be part of the human condition that financial and real estate markets go in cycles. What’s interesting is that when the cycle is on the upswing or a bubble is inflating, how vociferous the opinions are that the upswing will never end; and how after the crash, how many then insist, often ...


December 2011 – San Francisco Real Estate: A Longer-Term View

In a world where market ups and downs are blared out every minute, often with great hysteria, it’s useful to pull back and look at the home market from a wider perspective. The longer time period and larger number of sales make statistics more reliable and less confused by normal, relatively meaningless fluctuations. The longer ...


November 2011 Market Update

“Years of falling prices and falling mortgage rates have made home buying more affordable than it has been in decades. Moreover, home prices look downright cheap, not only from the perspective of mortgage rates and income, but also relative to the cost of renting or the cost of constructing a new home. Meanwhile, continued population ...


The San Francisco Real Estate Market in Summer

August 2011 Update As the world wrestles with debt crises, the San Francisco economy and home market continue to improve, at least for the time being. (Knock on wood.) According to the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy, of the 28,800 jobs the state added in June, 12,800 were in just 5 Bay ...


Who’s Right about the San Francisco Home Market?

Is It Strengthening or Declining? Some of our readers have been understandably confused between the bad news reported elsewhere and our recent reports of a strengthening market in San Francisco. Besides the possibility of specific agendas, there are some legitimate reasons behind the apparent disconnect: Much of the data reported elsewhere, such as the Case-Shiller ...


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