Vote this November to protect homeownership in California

California is facing a housing crisis – and it’s getting worse.

Put simply: there’s not enough homes. Too many potential homeowners and renters are simply priced out of the market. This November, we can take decisive action to protect homeownership and private property rights in California.

As a REALTOR®, fellow citizen and Californian, I’m asking you to join me to vote YES on Prop 5 and NO on Prop 10.

What is Prop 5

Prop 5, the Property Tax Fairness Initiative, removes the unfair moving penalty for seniors, the severely disabled and disaster victims across the entire state while still ensuring they pay their fair share of property taxes.

What is Prop 10

Prop 10 will make California’s housing crisis worse. It’s the wrong solution for a state that desperately needs to create more affordable housing for middle class families. Seniors, veterans, both gubernatorial candidates – Democrat Gavin Newsom and Republican John Cox – and affordable housing experts all oppose Prop 10 because it will make housing less available and less affordable.

It’s absolutely critical that we rally to vote YES on Prop 5 and NO on Prop 10 this November.

Together, we can make our voice heard and protect the American dream of homeownership for all Californians.

For more information on the YES on Prop 5 and NO on Prop 10 campaigns, please click here.

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